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North Carolina Credit Union Division

The NC Credit Union Division is a regulatory agency, created in 1915. The Division is operated under the supervision of the Administrator of Credit Unions. It receives no general fund or tax revenues and is funded exclusively from fees paid by the regulated NC state-chartered credit unions.

The Administrator is an active member of the National Association of State Credit Union Supervisors (NASCUS). The Division received its accreditation from NASCUS in 1992 and continues to maintain this status, which designates a high standard of excellence in the regulation and supervision of state-chartered credit unions.

The NC Credit Union Division is composed of the Administrator, Assistant Administrator, Investigations and Chartering Manager, Examination Manager, Examination Review and Training Coordinator, Financial Analysts, Business Officer, and Administrative Assistant.

Mission Statement

To advocate and assist in the formation of credit unions, to ensure the safety and soundness of the credit unions and their compliance with applicable laws through examinations and other means, and to fulfill supervisory responsibilities in an effective and professional manner.