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Laws & Regulations

The NC Credit Union Division is charged with governance of state-chartered credit unions within NC by the following NC General Statutes (NCGS). Below you will also find information on Rules Review, as well as links to helpful resources.

State Laws

The following NC General Statutes govern credit unions, the Division, and the Commission. Clicking on an item below will allow you to view the statute from the NC General Assembly's website.

Rules & Regulations

All approved Division rules are published in the North Carolina Administrative Code and can be found under Title 04 - Commerce, Chapter 06 - Credit Union Division, of the NC Administrative Code.

NCGS §150B-2(8a) defines a Rule as "any agency regulation, standard, or statement of general applicability that implements or interprets an enactment of the General Assembly or Congress or a regulation adopted by a federal agency or that describes the procedure or practice requirements of an agency."

The public is notified of the Division's rulemaking through a notice published in the North Carolina Register (NCGS §150B-21.2) and posting of required information on the Division's website [NCGS §150B-19.1(c)].  This notice provides a means for interested parties to comment on the merits of a proposed rule before adoption by the Division.

Please send any comments or questions regarding rules to rules@nccud.nc.gov.  NCCUD's Rule Making Coordinator is Investigations and Chartering Manager Caroline Warren.