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Notices & Approvals

The following information is provided as a service to North Carolina state-chartered credit union industry.


Supervisory Fees

Key dates for supervisory sees

The following are key dates for semiannual Supervisory Fees:

  • July 2023 - based on June 30, 2023 assets
  • December 2023 - based on December 31, 2023 assets


Dividend Approvals

Please send your request for dividends by the 20th of the month in which you are scheduled to post the dividend along with the most recent financial statements, the rates that you are requesting, the delinquency report, and any other supporting documentation. Additional documentation may be requested in some situations. Please contact Administrator Kristina Ray for further information at or 984-275-6743.


Branch Approvals

Credit unions who wish to open a credit union branch location, should submit a Branch Application form that is inclusive of a business plan with a marketing plan and a 3-year performance plan. Also, include any contracts for purchase, leases, and upfitting & security installations for the desired location.

Please contact the Administrator Kristina Ray at 984-275-6743 or if you need assistance or have any questions.